For Europe, winter is a time to hunker down, peel out the waterproofs and base layers and get down and dirty in the mud trails, but its easy to find your self chin in palm starring at the sideways rain lashing against the window. Cabin fever starting to settle in, your belly filling up with the left over Xmas roast bird and reminiscing about the summer that once was.
The dusty trails and wife beaters feel like a distant past that wont be coming back any time soon. All you can do is sit it out, get wet and hope that next summer is even better!

Duane Walker is finding it tough letting go of summer. Juggling the hectic student life, full time education can really get to your head, so whats better than a mid-semester getaway! Duane found himself the shredding the hills of Les Deux Alpes this summer in search of an alternative to the standard french Portes du Soleil trip. Sometimes it nice to get away from the crowds and find another piece of mountain treasure.
Remember how it was to be out shredding big dusty corners, the feeling of waking up and not needing to put on as many layers as an onion.
With more than you think to offer, Les Deux Alpes has good variation of trails with more and more enduro loops popping up too. Short travel FR bike goes down well here. 180mm to soak up all them bumpers.
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