Winner of the Red Bull illume 2019 Image Quest 
  Innovation by Sony Category
Growing up in North Wales, Laurence has always been exposed to the outdoors. Having the beach to his right and the hills to his left enabled him to develop a true appreciation for what nature can offer. The sheer enjoyment of exploring different ways of understanding his surroundings has led him in the direction of pursuing a career that demonstrates this. 
From a young age Laurence’s main hobby was mountain biking with his friends. As their skills on two wheels developed, the desire to capture such moments in pixel form grew; leading Laurence's path towards being behind the lens. Laurence quickly found himself pushing to new limits to see what he could create, which soon led to being noticed within the cycling industry. At the young age of 21yrs he made the leap towards following a career as a full time Freelance Photographer. Since the very start of this career path, the demand for his talent has taken him around the world. 
Laurence’s main body of work comprises of bicycles. However, his transferable skill base has resulted in great success within other genres; including other action sports, weddings, food, fashion, education, landscape and nature to name but a few. To add a further string to his bow, Laurence ventured into the world of videography, making promotional adverts: several being used for Television broadcasts, highlighting such level of quality. 
A strive to be ‘different’ causes Laurence at times to be experimental with his work. This and his constant endeavor to shoot from a less discovered perspective makes his work unique and identifiable as his trademark to the audience. 
Laurence feels very fortunate to lead a life as a photographer. Till this day, he finds it a great privilege to be working alongside inspirational clients and even some of his childhood idols! The love for nature and action, being combined with a kind, hardworking and reliable personality creates the catalyst to Laurence’s success as a photographer.
Clients Include: