Two wheels in North Wales are at an all time boom and its bringing the industry along with it. Trail centres, shops, brands and riders are all starting to make an appearance. It was no better time to really start making a push for cycling in Wales and all the hard work has paid off. Already defined trail centres like Oneplanet Adventure, Llandegla are seeing new trails built, but its also paving the way for new developments like Antur Stiniog and Revolution Bike Park, three major facilities all within an hours drive of each other, and that’s only 3 of about 20+ places to ride your bicycle!
There are places in the world that you always want to visit and tick off that “ride” bucket list, but is there a need to travel half way around the world when we can look at the great riding on our doorsteps. Its not until you spend time away from somewhere that you realise what you are missing, you being to appreciate what it has to offer. After investing some time in university study, recently returned Duane Walker was keen to get out on bike and rediscover old stomping grounds but also take a glimpse at what Wales really now has to offer!
The chapter strong “Stories” from Laurence Crossman-Emms goes motion with this piloting episode of Stories:inMotion which follows Duane Walker as he takes you to some of North Wales newest and most looked upon riding spots.
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